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VW Microbus 1 - Micro Project that may get more of my attention....
Volkswagen GX3 - Built mirrors, side intakes, exhaust can and tip, and engine airbox and cover/hood scoop in Studio Tools from scan data taken off clay.
Microbus Ideation 1
Gravis showroom
N.U.R.B.S. model 240Z for fun.
Alias Auto Studio and Hyper Shot practice
The artwork for my first 2 Point 5 D illustration. The name implies artwork that is a hybrid of a 2 dimensional painting and a 3 dimensional model. Meant to be hung on the wall, the artwork painstakingly created in Adobe Illustrator CS3 is laser cut in acrylic sheets and layered many inches deep via aluminum rods assembled with stainless allen head fasteners. The result will have be totally unique, and add mechanical depth to the subject while casting shadows upon itself and the wall.

This piece is to commemorate Kimi Raikkonen's 1st Formula 1 world championship at the helm of Ferrari's F2007.

This edition will be limited to 27 examples.
One of two t-shirt designs for Alphanumeric
Mikuni 44mm built to 1:1 scale in Alias - LOTS of measuring with calipers from the actual part.
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Jan Trondsen
3D Digital Designer South Bay Los Angeles, CA