Using food as the common denominator, students from SCID(Taiwan) and FGW(Germany) work together to create an experience in groups, each satisfy one of the following criteria: Cross Culture, Cross Generation, New Technology, New Profession and New Lifestyle. The workshop started with introduction of strange food from one's own culture and express specific curiosity towards a food of the other culture.
Students work in groups consisting of international origins.
Discussion and communication using visual aids were encouraged.
Storyboards were created to illustrate the flow of the experience, and as a tool of communication within each team.
Prototypes were created and the experience were also rehearsed.
Final presentation was in the form of performances of the experience to illustrate the entire value of the experience, work flow, emotion expression and interaction between prospective stakeholders.
Each team made different proposals, in the form of travel service, game, social media platform and educational interactive software.
Edible Semantics of the Future (Workshop)

Instinct and emotions are essentially two very fundamental tools in design – Affordance and Semantics. Through the behavior of food as a creative basis, how can we create scenarios that present provocative, insightful or critical responses to the way we want to communicate across cultures or time?

This five-day workshop will involve research and understanding of food and its roles in our cultures in various aspects. Students will work in groups, based on given topics, propose scenarios of behaviors using the concept of Affordance and Semantics as tools of design. The final deliverable will be performance (act), storyboards as well as any form of props necessary to communicate a complete scenario.

Ying-Hao Juan
Industrial Designer, Educator Tainan, Taiwan