Created for autocross events, drivers can receive critical information on his performance and driving for self-improvement.
Mechanical concept allows the wheel to have camber and toe angle adjustments controlled by a driving performance app. The main wheel structure is stationary whereas the wheel structure rotates around it, connected to the drivetrain.
The enclosed tire design also features three air inter-connected air chambers each with adjustable pressure to create the most contact surface area with the road.
Maxxis Apexxis Wheel Concept

Competitive driving isn't just about competition against fellow drivers, but self-improvement through time trials. Information from the vehicle during laps therefore are critical to learning for drivers.This concept wheel design includes built-in toe and camber adjustment through an APP that also provides comprehensive in-lap information, which helps the drivers to understand how to make adjustments to his/her driving techniques. The three air compartments in the tire allow consistent contact surface area with the road at any loading suitation for maximum grip, therefore provides the most efficient and effective performance.

Ying-Hao Juan
Industrial Designer, Educator Tainan, Taiwan