'NOW' Underclocked | Embodied interaction

Underclocked was a four weeks project under the Master’s course Embodied interaction at Malmö University.?

Team members:
Thobias Franzen,
Ligia-Estera Oprea,
Rebecca Göttert ,
Hannah Weiser,
Judit Komáromi Haque

Developer NOW Pebble App:
Emanuel Oprea

As long as the user hangs her/his arm the device works as a ‘normal’ clock. While the arm lifts however the device turns into a non-object clock. During this action, within two phases, the functions and display of the device change and in its final state it shows ‘now’ on the screen.

Our low-fidelity prototype was made using Arduino and accelerometer. The final design is the NOW app for Pebble.

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Judit Komaromi
Graphic & Interaction Designer Malmö, Sweden