Life is too short to be taken seriously.

The starting point of the project was the quote by Oscar Wilde – “Life is too short to be taken seriously.”
I designed a letter installation that conveys the quote while expressing my viewpoint. It made out of large cardboard boxes, that looks like blocks with alphabet letters, known as children toy.
The typographical execution of the quote challenge the audience’s perspective and motivate them to interact, to be involved and play. People reordered and flipped letters to create other words or their own sentence out of the boxes. Desirable outcome was reached. The artwork has been a catalyst for action.

The installation was presented 3 times in Washington Square Park NY, November 2012.

32 boxes, 8 packs masking tape, 6 packs of interior paint, 5 colors, 2 mini-rollers, 2 plastic trays, 1 trolley, 8 hands, a lot of fun and many hours of work..

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Julia Popova
Communication Design Shanghai, China