Pink of perfection

You can do whatever you want ,just leave a trace.
Three categories influenced the final concept:
Public Communication Spots,
Sicilian Way of Doing Things,
Signs of Women.

The concept is a conflation of the mentioned categories. The result is a model of the cultural and social structure. The colored house and objects, drying laundry and the chairs all reveal the relations and demonstrate precisely the characteristics of Sicilian culture; the gender and role distinction, social habits, claiming public space and most of all, the ability of leaving things uncompleted. Furthermore, the location, the abandoned old house in ancient Noto builds a link to the past and future, which creates questions: How did social habits change and how will they change? The model is absolutely artificial, nothing more than a modified reproduction of experience. It’s like looking at oneself in the mirror, but on a larger scale.

Julia Popova
Communication Design Shanghai, China