Publication in Mezonin - After Milan Design Week 2008, the pouffe 'Groove' was published in russian design magazine MEZONIN.
Deutscher Kamerapreis 2012 - Poster for competition Deutscher Kamerapreis 2012
22.Deutscher Kamerapreis 2012 - 22.Deutscher Kamerapreis 2012 This was the work for the up coming 2012 Deutscher Kamerapreis in Germany. This was a school assignment which students need to design a poster for them. And at the end of the assignment, people from Deutscher Kamperapreis will select and make decision form one of the students' work and implement it as the coming year Deutscher Kamerapreis. My work was selected and the official poster for the 2012 Deutscher Kamerapreis award.
Kamera3030 - Logo for competition of videoclips in web kamera3030
Deutscher Kamerapreis 2013
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Julia Popova
Communication Design Shanghai, China