Stupid Design Award

“Stupid Design”. In this project we searched the public realm and documented confusing signs, aesthetically unpleasing structures,
things over-designed and things missing something, among many other instances that struck us as stupid. We aimed to award the stupidest of designs. We wanted our audience to take an active part in the discussion using chewing gum as a metaphor to “stick it” to stupid design.
The award is a rectangular piece of plexiglass, with twelve, carved letters from the phrase >STUPID DESIGN<; each letter with a respective photograph of a “stupid design” nominee. Our audience helped us to create the award for the stupidest design.
In the final count, the playground in Römerpark , nominated by our group, won as the stupidest design. Accompanied by newspapermen a ceremony took place on 15. October 2010, in which the stupidest design prize was publicly awarded. After few articles in local magazines, the sharp edges of the gates was removed by Cologne government

Julia Popova
Communication Design Shanghai, China