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Alphorria Pocket Book Summer Collection - The image was created to be used as the cover for a few printed books and also as a t-shirt print.
Voile Magazine - This magazine is an experimental project, featuring fine artists and designers from various countries.
The project was not only creating the logo and diagrams, but also fashion editorials, clothing, graphic project, etc.
Alphorria Jeans Cult Catalogue - Preview of spreads from Alphorria Jeans Cult Catalogue.
Filk Clothing - Some of the stuff i made for Filk (my personal brand)
City - An image.
some corp. ids
alphorria catalogues
extra fashion works
extra printed material for alphorria
posters and ads
voile magazine
typeface hidratiles
Julia Valle
mestranda em artes visuais @ ufrj | M.A. student at... Belo Horizonte, Brazil