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Design for Government (C) Aalto University

(C) Design for Government @ Aalto University, Joel Wolff, Aleksnadra Anikina, Gautam Vishnawath, Hsiao-Pei Lao, Juliane Fuchs
„Future of Finland’s Hiking Areas
– New uses, users and identities“
ongoing project, in cooperation with
the finnish ministry of forestry
7th semester, 2018 Aalto University
State-owned hiking areas in Finland are not
primarily for commerce nor for conservation,
but fall in-between. What needs to be renewed,
what is lacking? What is the future?
DfG develops design addressing
the complex challenges of the
government and public sector.
We applied empathic approaches
to identify stakeholder
needs, systems approaches to
analyze the wider context of policies,
and behavioural insight to identify and
design relevant solutions.

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Juliane Fuchs
designer Karlsruhe, Germany