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Neff Snowboarding Glove - This is snowboarding glove illustration I did for an outdoor gear and accessories company on the east coast. This is one of my best works to date. I love the contrast in the piece from the creases and shadows to the straight and harsh edges. I simply love Photoshop and illustrating. Just another type of project to check off my lifelong list!
Air Wallowa - I really put blisters on my hands for this shoe. I can't put into words how much detail I put into it. I hope it can be appreciated when you really look close.

I really aimed to make this as realistic of a shoe as possible. From the checkering in the heel, the indents in the midsole, textures everywhere, and by creating as much contrast in the highlights and shadows as I possibly could.
Climate Control™ - The Climate Control is a special sleeve and glove that keep your forearms, wrists, hand, and fingers warm when you are outside and the sun isn't there to greet you. Using a combination of heat reflectors and also a breathing mechanism on the outer layer of the sleeve, it keeps you warm, but also relieves the athlete of sweat. Also the three triangular straps allow the athlete to adjust how tight or loose the sleeve and glove fit.
University of Arizona basketball uniform - Made in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
Air Jordan XI - Quite possibly my favorite basketball shoes of all time. Ever since MJ graced them in Space Jam, I have been guilty of coveting them. The contrast in colors and texture are flat out beautiful on this shoe.

Also illustrating from a different angle. The black patent leather around the bottom should be a good challenge as well.
Golf club illustration - Another illustration piece for my portfolio. I'm terrible at golf, but club design and details have always intrigued me; and I still love to crush a ball down the fairway. Even if happens only twice a year.
Air Jordan I - Finally getting some shoes onto some digital paper off of my sketchbook. Getting down and dirty with Photoshop. All this stuff is getting me too excited...
Church Bulletin redesign - The challenge was to make the bulletin modern without sacrificing the tradition of the church, respecting that the average member age is over 40 years old.

My solution was a combination of:
• A church illustration of the sanctuary exterior to keep the bulletin authentic to the church.
• Finally, I wanted to address the terrible lack of alignment. I'm guessing the office was using Microsoft Word. Bummer...
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Espresso in Maya - I was asked to design an espresso machine, pretty simple right? Not quite. This project is done in Autodesk Maya, a 3D rendering program that animation studios like Pixar use to make their movies. To create some realistic and intricate pieces. 3D programs give the designer a great advantage in views of the product and you can also see something arranged however you want with this program. Very complicated program, great result.
Willamette Valley Fruit Co. Signage - A sample of the signage I did for Willamette Valley Fruit Company's 1st annual Harvest Festival.
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West Pacific Drilling Inc. - A friend of mine's father came to me with the opportunity to jumpstart his new company he is launching by creating an identity through a logo. We went back and forth a number of times as I mocked up numerous logos and ideas.

Points we wanted the logo to stress:
• Northwest - Green, Forest-filled, Portlandia feel, minus the extremists.
• Modern but rugged - It is a drilling company, but it supplies internet; contrasting attitudes that needed to be blended nicely.
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