A user-centered design project that builds on Madam Chia, 72 year old, Chinese Hokkien Female, 40 year old resident at Hougang Avenue 3, HDB Block 1. She now lives in despair, grief, loneliness and emptiness because of her recent loss of her husband (interview).

The couple had a passion in coffee-making and once owned a coffee business. She knew the local community through their coffee business at the nearby marketplace before its demolishment.

A few years ago, the couple decided to wrap up their business due to physical stamina limitations. But, she not only lost her career but also her only companion and her children & grandchildren have migrated overseas due to work purposes.

coffeehouse is a SOHO space for Madam Chia to continue her passion in reminisce of her late husband. A platform for sharing and interaction with neighbors and the community in engaging conversations - hopefully bringing her back on her feet.

Juliana Chua Say...
Artist | Craftsman | Designer | Interior Architect Singapore