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Fluff Me: This station uses the Samsung SR40 Surface touch display to add a playful element to the experience of caring for a bear. The interface includes object recognition for soap bubbles, swimming duck feet and boat sounds. Kids can even pull the bear head logo plug and chain for some added bubbles.
Love Me: A new second step in the bear building experience allows kids to add more emotions to the heart they put in their new friend. By scanning the bear skin, kids can enter basic information about themselves, and then drag and drop attributes, like playful, friendly, funny and popular into the heart that will be put in their bear.
Name Me: The final step, where kinds discover the attributes they added earlier by scanning their bears. Once complete they are rewarded with "friendship" and the reinforcement of completing the task. This station also completes the data capture part of the precess, allowing Build-A-Bear Workshop to better understand and communicate with their customers.
Build A Bear Workshop

*All work displayed is the sole property of Infusion LLC. and/or Build-A-Bear Workshop inc. The portfolio owner is presenting this material as an example of services rendered while employed at Infusion, and does not claim any ownership in whole or part.

-------------- Gold Winner of the 2013 Digital Signage Expo Apex Award for Retail, and Apex Award of the Year. -------------- The innovative new Build-A-Bear store design incorporates a number of digital stations to augment the tactile and emotional bear building experience. As the lead for user experience I was tasked with imagining the interfaces for 5 different touch/gesture experiences, all of which needed to feel magical for children. The result is a holistic retail experience that speaks to a generation growing up with touch interfaces.

Build-A-Bear Workshop Press Release:

**Photographs courtesy of Infusion and Build-A-Bear Workshop Inc.

Darcy Stalport
Freelance User Experience Lead & Strategist Charlotte, NC