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The end cap can display up to four different devices and is scalable to include different demos for each device.
The virtual host demonstrates features on the device, and can interact with the consumer using NFC, built in share features and by simply showing the consumer and letting them try it out.
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Samsung Mobile Galaxy S III

*All work displayed is the sole property of Infusion LLC. and/or Samsung. The portfolio owner is presenting this material as an example of services rendered while employed at Infusion, and does not claim any ownership in whole or part.

Samsung Mobile had the challenge of educating consumers on the multitude of new and unique features that the Galaxy SIII flagship smartphone included. The solution, installed in electronics and cellphone stores, leverages the display device as a controller for a virtual host. The user can learn about the features of the phone by demoing them with the virtual host. The interaction goes beyond just a talking head, by recognizing user interaction on the phone and responding to it accordingly.

Darcy Stalport
Freelance User Experience Lead & Strategist Charlotte, NC