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"Downbeat Switch" cover art - Local Richmond, VA bands third album cover for "Run From the Sun". Created with oil paints and touched up in Photoshop by DBS bassist, Wayne Todd.
John Lennon - SOLD

black and white acrylic of John Lennon
Lemon & Apple - Oil painting of lemon and apple close up.
Cal Ripken - Acrylic black and white of Cal Ripken, Jr.
Horrors of a Hallway Dream - Painting of a dream
George Carlin - Black and white acrylic of the late George Carlin. (Painted before his death)
Ghosts IV - Close up of Trent Reznor during the recording and production of "Ghosts I-IV"
Untitled - Drawing of child
Elvis Presley - Black and white acrylic of Elvis
George Harrison - Black and white of The Beatles guitarist, George Harrison
Allie - Drawing/ sketch of child
Paul McCartney - Black and white of Paul McCartney
Ringo Starr - Black and white of Ringo.
Batman - Black and white of "Batman"
Abbey Road - ...and another black and white.
Gerard Butler
The Joker - Heath Ledger as the Joker from The Dark Knight
Marilyn Manson
Trent Reznor
Twiggy Rameriz
The Orchid - Oil painting of orchid
My Violent Heart - Oil painting of child
Yas - Painting of Yas Talat from the group, Dead Celebrity Status
Isabelle and the Flower - Watercolor of child
Baby Face - Drawing of child
Blue Eyes - Drawing of child...
Natalie - Drawing of mother and daughter on the wedding day.
Uncle Paddy - Drawing of a very loved family member
The Yawn - Drawing of yawning child
Sydney - Drawing of Sydney
Sleep - Drawing of child sleeping
Untitled II
Untitled III
Untitled IV (Family)
Untitled - Oil painting of flower
Abstract 1 - Oil painting of anything you imagine it to be.
The Darkest Blues are Black - Oil painting on 11x14in panel canvas.
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