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Its a system
Walhub was designed as a 3 part system because it allows the user to determine which position they want their Walhub in – right or left – by snapping out the parts and flipping them. Having parts that can easily be removed also allows for possible accessory line extension.
Upwell Products
Walhub is Upwells first endeavor into the retail world under the brand Upwell Products - we manufacture, sell and distribute a product family of 6 SKUs. Upwell was responsible for every aspect of the process: concept ideation, manufacturing management, package design, marketing and even sales. Walhub was first conceived in 2007 for a Muji competition, 2 ICFF shows (Best of ICFF 2013) and 2 Kickstarter campaigns later Upwell Products has its first product in production within the US.
Walhub Packaging
Upwell worked with Coa Design - close friends - and a talented design duo to develop the Walhub logo and branding. Once the brand language was established Upwell focused on creating informative packaging. The major challenge was to illustrate immediately to the consumer what was unique about Walhub. By die cutting a hole in the front of the package it allowed the functional aspect of Walhub to protrude creating a strong focal point - the hooks and storage - the core concept of Walhub. I was proud to have our packaging recognized by The Dieline.
Walhub | Functional Wall Plates

Walhub is a functional switch cover that provides storage for the objects that often come and go with you – keys, mail, umbrella, scarf…Walhub re-imagines the standard, underutilized switch plate by adding practical function to it. There’s no reason why that flat piece of plastic on your wall can’t do more than just cover a hole. Taking advantage of an existing installation system in most buildings – light switch screw brackets – Walhub is a simple upgrade that only requires a screw driver – no new holes in your walls like existing wall hooks and other systems.

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Justin Porcano
Design Consultant San Francisco, CA