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3/4 view - This chair is inspired by serveral folding mechanism and by the lightness of power-line towers and their triangulated frames.
The name Ossis XIII came from its frame: when the seat and back are detached, the frame appears to be an aluminum exoskeleton system. In Latin, ossis means bone, and XIII is the number for aluminum in the periodic table.
Ideation through Sketching
Bulk Model - This bulk model's back can be adjust to different angle and was used to test out most ergonomic sitting positon.
CAD rendering of the aluminum frame
Cad Renderings - This is a rendering with the chair folded and unfolded, and show how it can be folded.
Blue Foam Model - Blue foam was used to carve out the basic frame structure to see form and scale.
Fabrication Process - Ultralite was used to shape all the parts of the chair and was sent to a foundry to have them sand casted in aluminum, then it was machined and assembled in the shop.
Different views
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Osiss XIII folding chair
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Justin Wong
Industrial Designer specialized in LED lighting Queens, NY