With some fancy treatment
Kindergarten Range launched by Godrej - The final cut of my 6 month long diploma project at Godrej, Mumbai.
Classroom furniture for Godrej - A set of kindergarten furniture designed for Godrej as a part of my 6 months diploma project... Under production by Godrej... www.godrej.com
Some prototypes - Easily manufacturable version of the lap to sit on. The back profile of the chair adds charm to the mundane look of a chair and it also takes the weight off a childs shoulder.
Simple FurnitureDesign - A child of this age always wants to imitate the elders. So I decided to give her a chance to sit at the dining, along with her parents, just like a grown up in a grown ups chair.
A lap to sit on: Child version - This chair offers a touch of personalisation. the child can have its photo pasted on it. This helps it to differenciate its own chair from others. The profile enables the kid to hang its bag or water bottle on its shoulder. This one here is mock-up made of corrugated sheet and metal.
A Lap to Sit on: Adult version - form with life... life to live...
Tulip: Rocking chair
Some Concepts... - mind to mischief... soul to fun... fun... life... ever...
fire and ice - A simple paper lamp for ambient lighting. With a dynamic light source the pattern created by the light that spills on the floor or walls keeps moving, making the entire atmosphere quite surreal.
Glass fusion
Design for Freedom
Design for Freedom - Feel the freedom, feel the power. Feel life without any embarassments. The new designs of the pad covers for the women of today, for those special days of the month. Inconspicuous, or bold, patterns, images or messages. Carrying pads in your purse would never be so boring and embarassing again.
Furniture n Accessories