Retail - My first retail store design at Mumbai. Brand: Top 10, Future Group Ltd. Firm: Idiom Design, Bangalore.
wall display system - A wall display unit where the clothes can be displayed by stacking or hanging.
Gondola Unit - The idea of having a clipboard clip fitted on the side panel to put up offers or posters is what makes this one special. Here we see a T-shirt. Cool. The gondola unit, sans the bend and the glass.
Vadodara Central - Facade Development and outdoor furniture. Floor layout and landscape development.
Alternative design with Dendrocalymus Strictus Bamboo. - 'Lathi Baans' owns upto 45 percent of Indias total Bamboo population. So, the project looked at observing the system around this species of bamboo, and then come up with a alternative joinery for this material to expand its existing area of utilization. In this case the flexible connector transforms the otherwise tensile bamboo into a mesh that could be used for temporary structures, car ports, exhibitions, play grounds and so on.
C u b e s - An installation for people to come together, chat and relax. Otherwise also a space for temporary exhibitions.
Aston Martin - London Showroom
Retail n Architecture