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MI Body Scale is focused on bring users the most pure use experience by avoiding all unnecessary components and appearance changes. Designers worked closely with engineers aim to design the most reasonable components and structure of the product, so that we can minimize environmental pollution, reduce energy consumption and improve the recycling of products and parts.
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Mi Body Scale

From the very beginning of design,we are determined to create a product that is neat and full of wonderful experience from both usage experience and its look. We got inspired by architectural aesthetics. By choosing ultra-clear glass which is science-intensive, safe, solid but difficult to produce as main material of surface, its transmittance reached as high as 91.5 percent. We have used precise spectroscope and color separation equipment to carefully choose 161 LED lights with identical color temperature and brightness which vividly present measurement results on the surface of the scale. And with five layers of silk-screen printing and 20 exquisite manufacture procedures, rendering a sense of crystal clear and smooth fine that can be fit with any household style.

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Jing Jiang
Senior Industrial Designer at Xiaomi Technology 北京, China