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Rice is served as staple food for East Asian people for thousands of years, while most youngsters living in a fast-pace have very little experience of cooking good-taste rice. Thus, we intend to provide a nice budget rice cooker with superior specs, high performance for inheriting rice diet among younger generations.
On the touch panel, confusingly-nonessential options are erased, while those most in need being reserved. A wide range of settings provided to customize cooking recipes via the App.
When compared with alloy pots which has been widely used in competing products, the grey cast iron wide-shallow pot in this cooker performs better in heating efficiency, evenness and storage capacity.
The refined accessories represent an in-depth study of people’s interaction with utensils. The spatula for instance, can be placed flatwise while the scoop keeps unengaged with the table top.
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Mi IH & Micro Pressure Rice Cooker

Mi IH & Micro Pressure Rice Cooker is designed for modern families with a minimalism aesthetic style, friendly user interface and companion App. Employed induction heating (IH), micro pressure technology and a cast iron inner pot, the product is able to cook bowls of best taste, fragrance and softness of rice. Its touch panel supports quick and intuitive operation while functions can be infinitely expanded and customized via App on mobile devices.

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Jing Jiang
Senior Industrial Designer at Xiaomi Technology 北京, China