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Cutting t slots, grooves, and dados is a common operation on a router table, but nothing currently exists to collect the jet of dust that launches off the bit.
In order to begin ideation with the most focus on where the dust collection needs to come from I rigged up several different dust collection devices to the table.
Constant testing allowed this product to collect the maximum amount of dust possible.
The built in blast gate and adjustable bristles allow the product to stay out of the way whilst not in use.
The user adjusts the bristles to the height of the dado so they can clean it out while the board passes over, and act as a backboard for the dust.
This product won the WOOD magazine most innovative new tools award.
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Dust Right Dado Dust Chute By Rockler

This is an award winning funnel that attaches to the end of a router table and hooks up to a vacuum to collect the jet of dust that launches out of the router bit when cutting a groove, T slot, or dado.

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Freelance, Full-time
Jay Owens
Industrial Designer Minneapolis, MN