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Originally this was going to be a modified version of the miter gauge I designed, that instead of having numbered angles would have notches at specific polygon angles. We then decided that a set up jig would be more effective, and could be sold at a much more reasonable price point.
Making the label double as instructions was critical for the ease of use.
These are molded from a reenforced plastic with a weighted inside to give them a heavy duty feel.
The user simply slides the block across the miter bar into the fence. When the fence registers with the two contact points they set the gauge. They then remove the block and are ready to begin their cut.
One huge benefit of these is that they work on any miter gauge, so if the user wants to make accurate cuts they do not need to spend $100 on a gauge, they can spend less than half of that on these blocks and use a stock table saw miter gauge like this one.
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Miter Set Up Blocks

This is a set of 3 hexagon shaped blocks. They are used to set up miter gauges at the specific angles it takes to cut the segments for 4-12 sided polygons. They are extremely easy to use. The user simply slides the dado on the bottom of the blocks across the miter bar, and up to the fence of the miter gauge. They then tighten the gauge down. They work on all miter gauges.

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Jay Owens
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