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The table saw is at the center of most shops and the miter gauge is an essential accessory for woodworking.
Toward the beginning of the design process I found as many miter gauges as i could and did extensive testing on them to see what worked and what didn't. I looked specifically at different pain points in the use and adjustment, and also where there would be room for new and unique features.
Once the design was near finalization, there was a lot fine tuning done with each sample.
The detents for the spring loaded positive stop are at all commonly used angles as well as a storage position.
The hairline indicator and positive stop is where this gauge stands out. It is very easy to read, has a spring loaded stop to make sure it securely locks into place, and all the angles can be used and read even without the positive stops. the rubber over molded low profile knob allows the stop to not interfere with the user's hand while in use. This knob is also available as its own product now.
If the user does not have a T slot router bit or the telescoping fence they can also mount any sized sacrificial fence to the gauge with wood screws.
What began as an idea for a simple aluminum extruded miter gauge fence evolved into something very unique by analyzing gaps in this market. This fence is like nothing else on the market by including a sacrificial MDF face, flip stop, and telescoping feature.
Toolless adjustment and extends out to 24" wide for long stock.
You can also very easily mount the telescoping feature on the other side of the fence to make it as versatile as possible.
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Rockler Miter Gauge and Telescoping Fence

This is a miter gauge that works on a table saw as well as some bandsaws and router tables. The gauge and fence were the 2020 Pro Tool Innovation Award winner for best table saw accessories, and WOOD magazine recommended. There are many miter gauges on the market. This follows a similar basic formula to a lot of them, but the focus of this design was on ergonomics and making it comfortable and easy to adjust and read. It also had to be very accurate and meet the $99.99 price point in order to compete with other gauges. The fence has many unique qualities. It is an aluminum extrusion. It telescopes out to nearly double it's length, and is the only fence to come with a sacrificial MDF face. The telescoping feature can also be mounted on either side of the main body.

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Jay Owens
Industrial Designer Minneapolis, MN