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addinquin - Lithography Print
Chamingo - Lithography Print
coWagon - Lithography Print
IBsheep - Lithography Print
Nish - Lithography Print
Honduras - Oil on canvas
Pomegranate - A sketch I did in High School
Mom - Pencil on Paper
Toy - In the style of Paul Klee
Toy - In the style of Paul Klee
Mask - Cardboard
Lips - Mono Print
My asics - Reduction Print
My first oil painting - Oil on canvas
Scott - Microns!
Self portrait - Marker on paper
Myra - Marker on paper
Jenny - Marker on paper
Self portrait - Marker on paper
Jennifer as a Geisha - Marker on paper
Rachael - Marker on paper
Dad - Marker on paper
Evolution of my mask
Kelly's cottage - Oil on canvas
Bottled water - Collection of deer park bottles
Wrenches - Conti crayon on paper
Figure Study - Charcoal on paper
Alexis - Eraser on charcoal paper
Gold - Watercolor & oil pastels
Drip - Watercolor & oil pastels
Banana - Timeline
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Fine Art
Kristen Clark
Graphic Designer Southern Pines, NC