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I want to tie in the fact that the name of the wine comes from Korean music.
* The message that I’m trying to send to the audience is that this product is a high end, very healthy, very good drink that is made for anyone. I want the wine to speak for itself.? Some benefits that the bottle is going to have is the fact that it’s full of different herbs such as omija, kikija, bokryung, hwangki, galgeun, and baekhasuo. Just like books are judged by their cover, a wine is judged by its appearance.
I’m going to have a bottle that is darker in color, more romantic and richer looking. I also want to keep the bottle as clean as possible. I’m going to do this by including a little book of information that is going to be tied around the neck of the bottle. ?I plan to use mainly organic lines and black and white colors to express its status on the shelf. The typography is going to be clean and clear, easy to read and easy to communicate.

Kaitlin Gagich
Manager / Graphic Designer / Photographer WV