The traditional and the modern meet in the environmentally conscious Extension light, which can be hung on its own or‘extended’ in a series.

The Extension light contrasts dark, smoked bamboo with reflective polished stainless steel and LED technology to highlight the beauty of contrast. Bamboo is often used in traditional craftsmanship. Generally, it is curved along its veins. Extension incorporates more complex curves achieved via a different technique. This, along with the combination of bamboo with more modern materials (and the contemporary product shape), creates new meanings for a
traditional material. The curvature of the bamboo is achieved by splitting the stem into flexible strips. The product is not only a light but also a piece of craft. Bamboo’s physical characteristic of rigidity is used, as well as overcome, to create the form.

Kai-Chi Yao
designer at PEGACASA 信義鄉, Taiwan