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Life Shop type - Logo designed for fictitious boutique. Hand drawn illustrations compose this logotype brought to life by a vibrant color gradient.
Life Shop - Can you imagine what it would be like to walk into a boutique that housed all the intangible things in life in little 8 oz. tins? Life Shop is that boutique. These images capture the process of creating Life Shop as a brand and as an eventual Gallery Exhibit.
Kayem Foods Game Plan Logo - Logo created for Kayem Foods' football themed 2010 Marketing Event.
ElectroLab Logo - Logo created for medical device sales company.
Homey DiLillo Bellydance Logo - Logo created for Bellydance performance & education company.
Roycroft Design ECards - Brand driven promotional email campaign designed for Roycroft Design.
al fresco Fresh Talk Logo - Logo created for al fresco's consumer panel.
Lotus Healing House Logo - Logo created for CT-based Yoga, healing center.
Lotus Healing House Identity - Business Card, Letterhead, Brochure
Custom Bachelorette Logo.
Hand lettered T-shirt designed for Z100's Elvis Duran and the Morning Show's Breast Cancer Awareness campaign
Program look designed for holiday partnership with Mumm Napa Winery and Widmer Brother Beer, with hand lettering.
Identity & Branding

Hand lettered T shirt design for Z100's Elvis Duran and the Morning Show contest.

Kaitlin Imwalle Hall
Senior Art Director New Haven, CT