Perspective View - American ranch houses which are spread out all around the US are quite popular because of its ease to be built in a short period, but they are designed with very inefficient ways and they do not consider sustainability. Most of households in America spend a lot of money and energy especially for laundry due to using a dryer machine for drying rather than natural air dry. Usually American ranch houses do not provide specific space for hanging wet clothes out.
Interior View - In this situation, a mobile laundry unit is designed. It has micro wind turbines on the side walls and photovoltaic panels on the rooftop of the unit so that it can generate electricity for laundry and further use. In addition, it has smart clotheslines and cross ventilation system so it is easy and efficient to dry wet clothes by natural air. Basically the unit is working by being attached against existing ranch house.
Interior View
Perspective View
Design Process
Mobile Unit
Sustainable Facts
Sustainable Facts
Natural Air-drying Process
Energy Saving Result - This diagram shows that relationship between energy consumption and generation. Basically the modular laundry unit is suitable for every house which is located anywhere in America to make net-zero. The purpose of the modular laundry unit is not to use a clothes dryer. Therefore, if don’t use a clothes dryer and hang all the clothes on the clotheslines, the energy consumption goes down considerably and the unit can make perfect net-zero in most area in US.
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