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Street front. Photo by Wilrik Kok.
Detail of the roof. Photo by Wilrik Kok.
Roof lines. Photo by Wilrik Kok.
Woodwork. Photo by Wilrik Kok.
Render. View from the street
Render. View from the garden
Floor plan
Transversal section.
Longitudinal section
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CASA P. Santiago, DR. 2011 - 2012

House P. Santiago, Dominican Republic.
2011 - 2012
Status: Built
Client: private

This project consists of a complete renovation and extension of a family dwelling of 300 sqm.

Living in the Caribbean means living outside. The architectural design shows creative solutions by integrating indoor and outdoor spaces, providing a comfortable and open living environment.

Project team: Karina Peña, Wilrik Kok

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Karina Peña
Architect & Landscape Consultant Amsterdam, Netherlands