The concept of this logo is using Tuning forks to shaped like an S from the SWARA initial letter. As we know, tuning forks are used to tune musical instruments, and prior to singing, the choir conductor will use this tuning forks to calculate their pitches
Logo for Juicexire (business selling fresh juices)
Character / Mascot Design
character design process
character design options
Dragon - mascot design options
Logo & branding
brochure design
Logo design options
Logo design for a company that sells window blinds
vigo price list
flyer & postcard design
ramadan flyer
Logo & Business card design
UTOqIA portfolio showcase - This is my final school project, we had to think a concept for our final exhibition where all graduated student showcase all their works. I came out with "UTOpIA" as our concept and use "Garden of Eden" as the idea. Why the tagline is "Choices Creates Destiny"? Many industry people will come to this event and they might choose one of the student to be hired. They have to choose the right person, among all students. Choices Creates Destiny.
banner for utoqia portfolio showcase
Backdrop for AISP. Theme: IT Security
logo, identity & print
Karina Setiawan
Freelance Web & Graphic Designer Jakarta, Singapore, Singapore