Library - The overall view of a miniature set, will replace later with a better picture
What Dreams May Come - Miniature set, made from an altered book, the walls are hand painted, everything is hand made, from 460 books hand folded, glued, sculpted and painted. Special thanks to Frances Koch who helped to fold over a hundred books alongside of me.
Library - Miniature of "What Dreams May Come" Library, in which I sought to display that might be, what has been and all else in between.
Library - A small portion of all the handmade books
Monastery - Miniature Model, original photograph
Sailan Monastery - Miniature Model, added features, such as the miniature Tibetan prayer flags, handmade.
Sailan Monastery - Full Model, lit brighter to see all the details
Door - Enter into a whole new world, enter into exotic places, into realms of clashing knights, of harlots and furry feet, of wizards, of design, of inspiration, of modern. These doors can enter into whatever it is you dream of.
Concept drawings of door designs