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feeling blue - in anatomy class using color pastels in a four minute pose from a live model.
red nude - in anatomy class another 4 minute pose from another model using red conte crayon.
Sonia, pencil drawing observing my cousin contemplating some difficult life situations.
Pati - pencil sketch trying to capture and contrast this subject (my cousin) with Sonia's ( her sister).
Portrait of grandpa, water soluble oil paint on canvas
portrait of my younger sibling using water soluble oil paints on canvas.
Tears from above- illustration,pencil, pen and markers on sketch paper, showing silenced outrage.
My Sorrow- Pencil and ink sketch of an imaginary being sitting on a crescent shaped moon.
Look to the Sky, another oil on canvas, portraying the basement apartment my family and I lived in for many years.
summer in el salvador, an abstraction using oil paint on a canvas sheet
Storm at home, a scene in my native El Salvador depicting the changing clouds in the sky and the colorful surroundings, tempera paint on sketch paper.
View from up Top, Oil on canvas, a landscape depicting My hometown as seen from a popular hilltop.
Oil still life on canvas
Casa Fuego, interior design project and illustration of a fictitious bed and breakfast, completeted using prismacolor coloring pencils.
profile of a young man, pencil on paper
Brother - charcoal and chalk on sketch paper
Me - self portrait in charcoal and chalk
Growing presence at graveyard- illustration for a scene a friend presented to me.
Metamorphic Tree- pencil sketch from observation based on a beautiful image.
END! - drawing in a time of anger, almost expressionist like.
unnamed, pencil on sketch paper, trying to display the destruction of innocent love
Let's Draw Outside, A pencil illustration commissioned by an urban artist, art is art anywhere you put it.
Yes dear, a quick pencil sketch
Nolvin - pencil, drawing from observation
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Traditional art pieces

Various oil paintings, charcoal, pen, color pencil drawings and sketches.

Freelance, Full-time
Karla Lemus
Digital Artist Bronx, NY