Bang & Olufsen Product Suite (BA project)

My bachelor project is centred around a proposal for an univer- sal remote control for Bang & Olufsen named Beo7. The Beo7 is designed to function with the in- creasing number of ‘smart TVs’, which include web browsing, content searching and handling of multiple types of media.
The look of the Beo7 challenges the traditional design language of B&O by combining sculptural shapes and asymmetry, with the well known geometric lines. One of the unusual and characteristic features of the Beo7 design, are the two spherical caps under- neath the remote, which serves as ergonomic holding points.
To accompany the Beo7 is the BeoVision 12 ‘CinemaScope’ TV. It features a startling organical- ly shaped B&O logo plate, along with an intuitive user interface, which among other things can be controlled by hand gestures.

Kasper Schwartz
Master of Arts (MA) in Industrial Design Edinburgh, United Kingdom