InstaLock · The Intelligent Bicycle Lock

What separates the InstaLock from current bicycle locking solutions, is it’s built-in intelligent security system.
The system is connected to the steel cable via a circuit threaded into the cable. In the case of an attempt to cut the cable, the InstaLock will set off an audio-visual alarm sequence, and simultaneously notify the owner of the bicycle via his or her smartphone. This will enable both the owner and people near the bicycle to quickly take action and avoid the bike from being stolen. To further enhance the InstaLock’s security system, there is also a motion sensor and a GPS-tracker inside the InstaLock, which will detect any movement of the bike.
The InstaLock is meant to be “permanently” attached to the bicycle’s frame, so it’s always quick and easy to use, but it is easily detached when needed.

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Kasper Schwartz
Master of Arts (MA) in Industrial Design Edinburgh, United Kingdom