Invites - Letterpressed invites, offset posters.
Ikea Kids - A line of washable interior housepaints for children's rooms to be sold at Ikea. Paints are catagorized by three basic color groups; warm, cool and pastel, and are graphic and friendly in fitting with the existing Ikea style.
Repsponsibilities include concept, design implementation and final production.
Bauhaus - A 200 page overview on the history of the Bauhaus. Five chapters go in depth into the conception of the school, the workshops, social life at the Bauhaus, various interviews and more.

Responsibilities include concept, research, design and final product.
Belle - Belle is a line of bath and beauty products. Black and white photography and a monochromatic color palette is used to create drama and elegance.

Responsilities include concept to final design.
The Sixties: Design in Revolt - A 100 page book on the styles of the swinging sixties. Chapters explore influential 60s design in product, fashion, architecture, graphic design, etc.

Silkscreened bookcover depicts the bold and graphic style of the decade as does the spine without a title which defines the revolutionary ideas going on at the time.

Responsibilities include concept, to final product.
Madeleine's - Madeleine's is a line of unique baking supply products for anyone interested in baking, whether amateur or professional. Packaging utilizes illustrations and pastel colors reminiscent of frosting to create a whimsical feel.

Responsiblities include concept, design and final product.
Cherry Dr. Pepper - Explorations on Cherry Dr. Pepper packaging.
Paper Mate - Pen packaging explorations.