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Design of the times

Design of the times, was a project I worked on in college but it was and still is very inspirational to me. For this project I had to choose two designers of my choice, talk about their work and why I choose them. The two designers that I chose were Cipe Pineles and Ruth Ansel. Both designers are well known in the fashion industry, and their concentration in editorial design, specifically in magazines. I picked these two extraordinary women because both of them broke the status quo of women being successful in the design industry. Cipe Pineles was the first woman graphic designer that became an art director in the 1920s and Ruth Ansel was a self taught graphic designer and her way to become art director for Glamour magazine.

I created creating a mini vogue magazine style booklet, to honor these women. Highlighting each designers, top pieces. They are two of the many women designers, who influenced leadership in the industry and success for anyone who work hard for what they love.

Katheryn Fontaine
Visual Designer Boston, MA