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American University of Sharjah - Rebranding excercise for AUS which involved changing their traditional logo to a very modern and futuristic, simplified emblem.
Awqaf & Minors Affairs Foundation - Awqaf is a government charity organisation that works towards the development of needy by methods in sync with the Islamic religious systems and procedures.
Danat Group - Corporate logo design for the group which has diversified interests in various fields. Danat means 'Pearl'.
Al Suwaidi Boats - A division of the Al Suwaidi Group - this identity has been created for their new venture - Al Suwaidi Boats Manufacturing.
Feet First Reflexology & Massage Center - A simple and symbolic rendition that is iconic to the trade - Feet massage!
Bonsai Japanese Restaurant - The logo represents the name - Bonsai in a traditional Japanese art form.
Al Manarah Programme - A Division of Jumeirah International, is to train and recruit UAE Nationals to the Jumeirah Group of companies. Al Manarah means the Tower. The name in arabic, forms the shape of a tower - A calligraphic, strong rendition of the idea.
Scintilla Jewellery - Scintilla Jewellery are a known name in the trade of precious and semi-precious stones and diamond jewellery. The logo represents 'the sparkle' which relates itself very well to diamonds and the trade.
Landmark International LLC - Landmark Group is Dubai's premier group with diverse interest in various segments of trade such as fashion, home decor, etc. Plans to expand internationally gave reason to create a new identity which has a global yet very simple appeal.
Dotcom - An IT and Services company. The client requested for an identity which does not relate to the trade but rather a simpler and iconic representation of the name itself.
Barista Coffee - When Barista was launched in Dubai, they only had their universal english identity. For arabic, all they had was the name in a basic font next to the english logo. What is being done now is the arabic equivalent to the english brand icon, at par and well noticable.
Emirates Medical International Center - Brand Identity for a Medical Centre in Dubai - Sharjah
The Dunes Golf Course - Logo creation for a elegantly designed 18 hole golf course by Dubai Sports City.
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Kaushik Saha
Creative Director Mumbai, India