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The original theme for this game that ThinkFun developed in house was dining with royalty where the characters find their seat at a royal feast. This theme did not test well, which is when I was tasked with new theme ideation.
After the original theme & title for Cat Crimes was scrapped, I presented this mood board using illustrations online to evoke the theme/feeling for the potential product. Based on this image we moved forward with the cat theme.
These are the original rough cat sketches I created to mock up the challenges, illustrations by me. Using these images later I provided feedback to the illustrator for the final cat look & feel.
This rough prototype was used to test challenges, and the cat theme with playtesters
The final cat illustrations from Illustrator Alyssa Petersen were created with feedback from my designs.
ThinkFun is currently developing the follow up to Cat Crimes- a dog themed version. Dogs & storyboard concept by me
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Cat Crimes

Cat Crimes- 2017
I was responsible for theme & game play

Freelance, Moonlighting
Kathy Beyerle
Product Designer & Inventor Relations at ThinkFun Alexandria, VA