Nerds. There's Only One Nerd - The goal of this advertising campaign was to advertise Nerds Candy to a slightly older demographic, rather than to children. The concept of there being many forms of dorks, but there's only one Nerd is carried out with the marriage of punchy headlines and classic dork icons.
Dress for Success, Sharing is Caring - In these non-profit advertisements for Dress for Success, a series of heart-warming headlines work to get the message out to help provide for these women in need. The hand-rendered typography molded into dress forms helps to reinforce the idea of the donated items being second-hand.
MillionTreesNYC, Animals Need Homes Too - The purpose of this advertising campaign is to help promote MillionTreesNYC to children and get them interested in helping to plant a tree. The thought behind this campaign is being that all children love animals, and in turn feel compelled to give a local queen bee a home for her throne.
No Frizz, Poof Away Frizz - As part of a team to promote a new product that currently doesn't have a strong advertising campaign, we worked together to develop the concept of the No Frizz product having magical powers to eliminate frizz. Doodle-like illustrations work together with the headlines to capture out concept. Our team received excellent feedback in a pitch to a guest art director in that this campaign really hit the mark for out target audience.
Rubik's Cube, Making Everyday Heroes - The goal of these print advertisements was to introduce the Rubik's Cube to a new generation. Whimsical headlines combined with fun illustrations in a rebus format of design style, makes this series a unique approach to acquaint tweens to the Rubik's Cube.
Advertising Campaigns
Kelly Cabets
Graphic Designer Scranton, PA