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Target US approached us about developing a new craft brand that would fill a gap in the market for high quality items aimed at older girls with some crafting skills. I was assigned the entire line, and would act as product manager, brand manager and designer. Through extensive research and collaboration with our sales, marketing and art teams, I established our line's brand definition (name, mission, value statement), competitive positioning / differentiation, and brand styling (look, logo, palette).
I worked alongside our sales team to develop our pricing strategy, planogram and product definition. This 4' planogram incorporates various sizes and price points. Items include jewelry, home decor and storage.
Developing an entirely new and innovative line of craft items from scratch involved serious trend and market research, as well as in-depth experimentation with competitors' products and crafting techniques. As an industrial designer and lifelong crafter, I could draw from my own experience with a wide range of craft activities in order to determine which types of techniques and materials would be the best fit for our target demographic and brand mission.

Throughout the design process, I was in constant communication with our overseas suppliers, who helped us source the high-quality, safety-tested components and materials we needed, within our very limited budget. I developed the specifications for any new molds, prints or colorways needed, and supervised the approval and production process.
I also designed and illustrated the instruction pamphlets for all items.
Upon finalization of items, I received samples and assembled them for packaging product and lifestyle photography, which I oversaw to ensure accurate representation of methods and materials. The following photos are examples of the variety of items created.
Craftabelle Creation Kits

Craftabelle Creation Kits are all about doing something different, something beautiful, something that lasts.

Our mission is to inspire kids to create crafts they’ll want to wear, keep, and share.

Whether it’s a special gift (like a beautiful friendship bracelet) or an important keepsake (like your very own chandelier), a hand made craft is something very personal -- a creation that is simply unique.
Our kits include only high quality components, and clear, detailed instructions for making professional-looking items. Sophisticated color palettes and materials drawn from the fashion world mean even adults can't resist our kits.

We offer kids the tools and support they need to master new techniques, which can in turn become stepping stones for new projects. Great kits make great results. Great results inspire confidence and stimulate the imagination. That’s what makes Craftabelle kits the first step in a lifelong love of crafting and creativity.

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Kimberley Cleland
Product Designer and Manager Laval, Canada