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Baby Elf Jacket - Handknit raglan-sleeve hoodie with wood toggle buttons. Matching pointy-toed booties.
Baby Pixie Hat - Chunky hand-knit pointy-topped hat with chin ties.
Kimono Jacket - Upcycled wool wrap-around jacket with rear velcro fastening. Raglan sleeves, hood, flannel lining. Adjustable to provide extended comfortable fit for growing baby.
Retro Overalls - This is what happens when designers go on maternity leave.
Tiny Sailor Sweater - Handknit boat-neck sweater in super-soft baby alpaca wool. Matching hat and socks.
Vintage-Inspired Sun Hat - Vintage-inspired cotton canvas hat with deep brim and chin straps.
Cherry Tomato Pinafore - Sweet and simple linen top with fancy buttons and strong construction.
Infant Apparel
Freelance, Moonlighting
Kimberley Cleland
Product Designer and Manager Laval, Canada