Customizable Play Structure System - The "Roof with a view" project endeavours to develop a system of products for urban rooftop environments including lighting, wayfinding, furniture and play structures. In collaboration with academic advisors and industry experts, I have been working on a modular play system comprising frames and activity panels which anchor to the roof surface and are configurable to take advantage of the unique qualities of the rooftop setting.
Whimsical Playhouse - Unique commission for the West Coast General Hospital family waiting room.
Snowfort Kit - The third year structures project required researching and establishing a target market for an outdoor recreation product for Ottawa's cold, snowy winter. This collapsible, portable kit allows children to build safer, stronger snowforts by providing a steel dome frame with removable panels for reconfiguration and snow support.
Cotsen Children's Library Installation - The children's library at Princeton University contracted my employer to build a new interior as designed by a local architect. I detailed the design and built a complete scale model of the environment, including this 17-foot, 2-story "bonsai tree" with reading space. I was also responsible for overseeing the shop staff during the early stages and costing and sourcing materials.
Miscellaneous Product
Freelance, Moonlighting
Kimberley Cleland
Product Designer and Manager Laval, Canada