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LSD Returns to Labs - I read in some magazine about how LSD has been approved for testing in labs...and the Psychiatric community is thrilled. Strange stuff.
Proverbial Umbilicus Chord - This was inspired by an article in Psychology Today about overparenting and the long term effects.
Mary Hawkins - illustration for trueillinoishaunts.com
Elvira of Woodstock Opera house - artwork for www.trueillinoishaunts.com
Red Riding Hood - The original version of Little Red Riding Hood was called "The Grandmother's Tale" back when it was told by old French seamstresses. It's a bit different from the brothers Grimm version.
generation death - This is my imagining of a cover to this unpublished short story by Geoff Collins.
Happy Black Friday! - illustration,illustrator,art,editorial
Yeats as a video game character - I thought it would be funny (re: awesome) if someone released a 2-D fighter video game based on the Golden Dawn and all the poets, writers, and artists of the time. And, yes, I am aware of how nerdy this all sounds.
anime lucky cat - Request from a friend for an anime style lucky cat based on her own furry buddy.
Katie Conrad
Illustrator St. Charles, IL