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Cleaned and Re-colored Print - Scanned Original, then digitally cleaned and defragmented with Photoshop. Expanded the print to look natural and re-colored (with Photoshop).
Motif Repeats - Selected single motif from larger print using Photoshop. Then, created square repeat pattern swatch and filled new canvas with repeat. For the half-drop repeat, I created the half-drop repeat swatch and filled a different canvas with this print.
Colorways - Exercise to make 3 very different options for the same print, using the same palette of colors. (Photoshop)
Stripes - Created stripes repeat using Photoshop, and then created one additional colorway.
Print Fill - Created skirt flat in Illustrator, then imported flat to photoshop to complete exercise of filling an object with a print. (Photoshop/Illustrator)
Fashion Design Prints
Kim Dazey
Marketer | Art Director | Graphic Designer Bloomingdale, IL