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Reserve Diamond Minisite - http://www.reisnichols.com/the-reserve-diamond.php

This microsite was created to help brand a new product line and specify why it is notable and different. The site opens with a narrated introduction, then allows the user to see different views of each ring and get info.

Coded in actionscript, this is expandable to multiple pages of selections within a simplified template.
Reis-Nichols Website - http://www.reisnichols.com

My second, and current, iteration of the Reis-Nichols website. This website employs PHP to allow reuse of all common page elements, and some javascript effects.

The site is connected to a secured database of live product information to allow up-to-the second price changes, images and inventory awareness.

Flash multimedia and video have also been used within the special features.
Service Video Demonstrations - http://www.reisnichols.com/service-videos.php

Reis-Nichols operates a full shop of on-hand, trained jewelry professionals, unlike any other jeweler in our region. This multimedia presentation was created to explain.

Flash is used for the interface and video encoding. I shot the video and edited in iMovie, as well as the still shots, all of which were synced to narration from a 3rd party.
Preston's Rocks Website - This website was developed for Preston's Rocks prior to their closing. The site features javascript menus and safer contact forms, as well as various visual features, Flash animation and PHP scripting for forms, includes and database information, including secure connections needed to retrieve product information from an in-house system used for inventory.
DSS Website - PHP, XHTML, CSS & Javascript website created for a local technology consulting and staffing company. Visit at http://www.dssconsulting.com/
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Jon Scott
Art Director / Webmaster Alexandria, IN