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Wedding Invitation - This invitation was created in Adobe Illustrator using some stock vector, as well as some of my own illustrations to create the desired look. The file was then sent to Kinkos with crop marks and bleeds and printed on single-side glossy card stock.
Charity Bike Show - This flier was made for a charitable motorcycle show that in Greenwood, IN. The work was made to have a look very similar to the Rocktober fliers that I had recently made, as they wanted it to look "bad". This flier did not get used, as the event was cancelled to lack of funding.
Telluride Vacation Poster - This poster was made to promote a condo in Telluride for auctions and other special events where the funds could be donated to various causes.

The poster was made with some photos provided, as well as some photos from Flickr and laid out in Illustrator.

The file was printed by Carey Digital in Indianapolis on Glossy stock and mounted on black gatorboard.
Holiday Party Invitation
Holiday Party Invitation
Holiday Party Invitation
Holiday Party Invitation
Earth Day Indiana - This poster was created as a class project back in 2005 at IUPUI. All elements were hand drawn and the goal was to create an uplifting, and simple message that would be interesting enough to stop to read it when passing it on a bulletin board.
Multi-vendor Coupon Pack - Coupons had to be designed with matching theme, but approved by each separate vendor, all of whom had their own changes and specifications and many of whom did not offer artwork.
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