Existing Product Tear Down
Final Design
Exploded View of final design showing reuse of majority of internal components
Progression alarm Clock

This project was to re-design the existing "progression alarm clock" from Hamacher Schlemmer. The product progressively wakens the user with a slowly brightening light mimicking the rising sun. It uses an incandescent bulb, and the heat it produces activates aroma therapy beads held in a tray above the bulb; thus the bulb was to remain incandescent. The goal was to modernize the design while not completely reinventing the product, by keeping as much of the original internal components as possible, minimizing re-tooling costs. Particular attention was given to the user interface, converting all English language interface to more universal icons to broaden the potential user base.

Freelance, Full-time
Keith Coponi
Industrial Designer Fort Lauderdale, FL