Persona - These ceramic decanters emanate people celebrating with one another. The red, cherry-stained wood tray and enameled name plates complement the ceramic bottles. Each piece is interchangeable according to the users' preference. Designed and handmade in 2005
Persona - detail - Slip cast stoneware, enameled name plates, cherry-stained wood
Persona - detail 2
Oversized Home Decor Vase - Wheel thrown stoneware with sculpted surface texture. High fire translucent amber glaze. 17.75" H, 6.25" D.
Accent Bowl - Wheel thrown stoneware with high fire turquoise and orange glazes.
Serving Bowl - Wheel thrown stoneware with high fire purple over copper red glaze. 8.5" D, 3.5" H
Kelly Simpson
Product Designer Boston, MA