Splish Splash Dog Toy Instore Endcap - These neoprene toys are perfect poolside toys. The fun tee, summer dress, harness, and leash are a must-have summer fashions.
Splish Splash Dog Toys - Toby the Turtles, Cliff the Crab, Lulu the Starfish, Life Saver, Beach balls, Clara the Fish, Sally the Seahorse, Walt the Whale, Oscar the Octopus Made of neoprene, vinyl, and rope.
Splish Splash Dog Apparel, Harnesses, Leash - Screen printed cotton tshirt. Velboa harnesses with embroidered applique characters. Screen printed bubble pattern on silk ribbon stitched to nylon leash.
Splish Splash Beds (designed and sampled but not sold) - Embroidered plush round cuddler (with reversible pillow), Screen printed cotton square step in cuddler.
PetSmart Splish Splash May June 2010 Endcap
Kelly Simpson
Product Designer Boston, MA